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Entry to 2018 Goal Setting Workshop - {1 on 1's + Group Settings offered}


Life Mapping is a concept that Anika came up with when trying to put her life on paper in order to gain clarity, order, accountability, and structure. Creating an actual Life Map is not difficult and it's something we do often, usually just in the form of talking and/or complaining.

In order to truly make our dreams happen, Anika strongly believes in writing those dreams into existence and Life Mapping is that tool.

Action: We will walk through your life map, learning about your true ambitions, and devising strategies to bring them to life in 2018.

Startup Strategy Session - {1 on 1's + Group Settings offered}


Entrepreneurship is a fundamental skill that we all need to succeed in today's world. Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Did you get stuck in the midst of the process? This workshop is designed to cut through all of the perceived challenges and help you create your own business.

Action: We will introduce the fundamentals of Entrepreneurship, the business mindset, and the proper tools needed to start a business of your own!
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Brand Audit + Growth Feedback - {1 on 1's + Group Settings offered}

Many problems in our lives are caused by a lack of quality communication; businesses are no different. In order to differentiate in crowded marketplaces, we must effectively tell our brand story. This process is often complicated by new technologies, social media platforms, and quick-changing consumer habits. 

Action: We will review all of your branded platforms to determine best practices for growth. Following the meeting, A + C will deliver a written report of official recommendations.

Business Plan Creation - {1 on 1's + Group Settings offered}

What is the purpose of a business plan? A business plan clarifies the do's and don'ts of your overall business strategy, validates the financial opportunity, and provides clear projections of your potential success. A failure to plan is a plan to fail. One of the key uses of a business plan is to share with potential customers and investors.

This business plan creation process includes - an initial consultation + a two week turnaround period, while drafts are produced and reviewed.

Action: We will start the process of writing a business plan by producing a one pager together. After meeting, A + C will expand upon the details within the document to create a full business plan.

Don't see a service you need? We have Extended Services that we are able to offer, click here